Signs and Portents

If you have challenges in your life, and most people do, here’s something you might find soothing. Be creative! I created art. Posters on my wall. Framed.

I find being creative comforting in trying times and situations. Many people find comfort in music or lyrics. Perhaps books, movies or art.

For many, playing an album and reading lyrics might be enough, but I found combining lyrics to my own art or expressions to be a very positive experience.

While not all of these posters are my own art, some are. I will explain more below each photo and what they represent. The peculiar thing with lyrics is that they can mean anything to you – even though the original writer meant something else. I am confident that most of these lyrics means something totally different to the writer itself – but to me, it’s about specific situations or life experiences.

This idea came to me after being sent a photo of a friends wall in his house. It was a photo of a certain lyric written by Axl Rose. The song is Estranged by Guns N’ Roses, one of the songs by GNR which means a lot to the hardcore fangroup. So I decided to do something like that myself, but adding more of my own creativity and also including several other bands that I keep close. This whole collection is now on my wall in the second floor – and one of the things I am most pleased about in my house.


AEROSMITH: Seasons of Wither.

One of my fave Aerosmith songs, “Season of Wither”. Much better than any of their other ballads in my opinion. For me, this represents my ex-wife. While not everything is something I can relate to (I do not feel I am any devil really). However. My ex was always sleepy. She slept until noon sometimes. Maybe hours longer. I would always get up early, walk the dogs and spend the next hours writing on a book while she was sleeping. She was always blues hearted as she was perhaps more depressed than I understood her to be. She often said “this year has been the worst for me” and she kept repeating it every year. I reacted the wrong way, by being annoyed, upset or even angry. I took it as a personaøl insult as I went out of my way to make her happy. I often replied to her that I had had a great year and didn’t understand why she felt like this. And this kept going on for too long. We fell into decline. Our relationship dwindled. Wither.


GUNS N’ ROSES: Estranged.

Almost self-explanatory. It covers everything. From trying, failing and trying again. Maybe Next time I will get it right. Every persons life has certain Seasons that keeps changing. Nothing is constant except change. Axl Rose have a way with lyrics which most lyricists can’t compete with. It’s depressive, but yet optimistic. Never give up hope that next time you will get it right. Whatever that may be. That being a relationship and exploring why it fell through or whatever it may be. Do some soul-searching, and try again next time. Maybe then you will get it right in the end. The image itself is one I am very proud of. Axl on the rail of a big oil tanker about to jump off. Taken from the video. Axl and GNR was very hooked on symolism back then. I think he still is. This sole lyric means a lot to me.



An almost GNRish epic ballad by Tony Harnells Project called WestWorld. To me it deals with loneliness, being in a limbo. Not either here nor there but simply waiting for the next chapter in ones life. I think this is where I am right now. The song is extremely personal to me. And it must be to Tony as well. It’s a wonderful song of what I believe is about his first divorce. I can feel like I have nothing to show. I have no girlfriend, no wife, no children, no family. I keep myself up and I get tired of it because I have nothing to show and feel below everyone else and their more fullfilling lives. So for me, it’s about both my divorce and not being where I am supposed to be – but in the middle neither here nor there.


SISTER: Let it bleed.

To me this is about my last, short relationship. My request of wanting children, and she agreeing to it – but later changing her mind. It was an absolute turmoil in my head. My request of children turned into weakness in her eyes as she thought I had mental issues dealing with lack of fatherhood. I was very depressed then I must admit, and with the season being dark and cold – it truly felt like darkness was covering me. With her changing her mind over what I call “a dealbreaker” (children) I broke up with her. I guess she broke up with me too. She thought I was weak and sent me some nasty accusations my way. So instead of going along with something I couldn’t do any longer, I let her go. I mentally bled for a week or so, but I set it right. If I am to go be with someone, they have to open for children. I let it bleed and I set it right.

There are a few others as well, but I thought these were the best.


How to befriend a rockstar in three steps

Taking a break from my regular programming of a somewhat sober story, here’s how I befriended a rock star. And some easy pointers on how to do the same if you’d like to, and got a couple (or five) years to do it. Yes, it takes time. It will take you years to get noticed (depending on the size of their fanbase).

I’ve had my names in the thank you sections in several booklets (really cool, really geeky, but I’m proud of that). Done official websites, decided on a bit of track listing for an album and what not. All fun.

First of all, you can’t befriend guys like Corey Taylor, Steven Tyler, Slash or Angus Young These guys are the A-list of rock stars and impossible to get to. However, I know of one guy who managed to get involved with Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses through online website dedication. How many years did it take him to hang out with DJ Ashba and Tommy Stinson? About a decade. So, forget that unless you want to dedicate a decade or more. Hopefully you like big bands, you like medium popular bands, and you might even like some underground bands. Pick the medium band or the underground band. Give them a helping hand.


I don’t know if the guy involved in my story here really considers himself a rock star, but he’s the lead singer of a medium-known metal/rock band with a four-decade long career with its ups and downs. It doesn’t matter to me what their fanbase is like or how many they/we are. He was my childhood hero, and to be able to consider him a friend is pretty cool. He is quite active on social media, and I see lots of people trying to be “mates” and most of them approach it way way wrong.

My journey started about 2001. I frequented the band forums, and made a name as a bit of a troublemaker within an even then aging fanbase. I wasn’t afraid of voicing my opinions, and I was critical when I felt like it. I was dedicated, and he noticed. I often had a “hunch” for saying things he agreed with. Even when I didn’t know it. I could write something and I would later understand I was right even without knowing. I kept doing this for years and years. The guy noticed me, took a liking to me, but I was cautious about over-selling myself. It was about trust, and I had to show that he could trust me. I never spammed him with messages or e-mails. I wrote when I had something important on the agenda. Band stuff. Not personal stuff. Never go personal. Over 10 years later and I still call him a friend. I’ve heard interviews online where he’s been using my posts online as a source, or simply referring to me as “fans turning friends” and so on. It’s geek, but it’s fun. Mostly fun because he was such a hero when I was growing up.


Here’s a three steps/tips;

First tip: Stop kissing so much fucking ass. Musicians can write the most ridiculous status updates and people will be so up their asses “agreeing” with them it’s not even funny. Have some balls. Musicians, painters, artists, authors are often bloody weird. Don’t buy into all of the bullshit all the time. What you see on stage is often the absolute best a musician can muster. He may not even be able to create a Facebook account in real-life. Honestly. You’re good at computers, you suck at singing. He’s great at singing, but suck at computers. Just like you, they are not Gods or perfect.

Second tip: Your a fan of the music, show it by giving honest reviews and have your own opinions. Bands appreciate it. However, don’t be overly critical and NEVER, EVER be the guy babbling on about “the first album was the best” asking for every album to be the same five, ten, fifteen or twenty years on. Let the band evolve, but always be honest. Get a feel to what your guy prefer of his back-catalouge. Hopefully it might be the same as yours. If the band got songs with different line-ups and you want your guy to be playing some other guys stuff, you’re on thin ice.


Third tip: Be loyal. If there’s a band split, know where you are at. Take a stand. There was a split back like 10 years ago with “my” band, and I stood loyal to the singer. I was on his side, defending him online against half the fanbase siding with the guitar player. I did it because it was the right thing to do. All water under the bridge now though, but just stay loyal. It was a bloody soap opera and all really silly stuff, but I was there doing it anyway.

Bonus tip: Don’t keep sending messages or mails if there’s no reply. He/she will reply when he/she is comfortable with you and know that you’re not yet another weird stalker.

In conclusion: Don’t rush it. Time is your friend. Be present. Make an effort. Promote the band online. Stay on course. Be patient. Don’t be a fucking weirdo.