Ghost of girlfriends past. Part 6.

Right, I’ll do something else now. I’ll re-visit a few of my short-time and long-time girlfriends (don’t worry, there’s not many of them!) and do a short summary of it. I might turn out anything from hilarious (mostly the first ones) to very serious crap. Anyway, I’ll do it because it feels like something I want to do.

Girlfriend #6: The flirt

Who was she?
She was a red-haired girl from way back. Waaay back. From when I was like 5. We got talking on Facebook. I visited her a few times at her house, spent lots of time talking on social media. She kissed like a goddess (no wonder she did, she must have had a lot of practise!). So we saw a couple of movies and made out. Nothing more. It was cool to have something else to think about than moving and ex-wives. She was quite pretty, but obviously been through some hard times.

Why did you date her?
I didn’t date her. I’m just including her because I want to.

Why didn’t it work out?
She was bloody unstable, that’s why. After she was finished with me, she went to some other guy – finished him quickly then continued on to number three. I think she’s still with him. I remember her telling me she cheated on her husband right after they were married with some musician. He had installed some hidden cam in the living room and caught her making out with him. Really freaky stuff. I’m not saying she was slutty. She just loved guys, and loved flirting and making out with them. All fine with me, she was great at it!

Where is she now?
I don’t know exactly. She moved out of her rented apartment and somewhere else (not far from here though). She’s still around. Being out in nature and taking photos of it.

What would you like to tell her?
My God, you’re such a flirt. Hold back on all those hearts and shit on Snapchat if you don’t really mean it alright? Feels like a poor Backstreet Boys song. Try to aim for some stability instead of jumping around not knowing what you want to do. Thanks for making me think of something else than all that shit that had happened. I am really grateful for that though. And thanks for liking all my Instagram photos still. Oh and I think your kids are bloody hyperactive even if I never met them.

I remember she said she liked this song when I played it to her, and then afterwords I was bloody annoyed it reminded me of her when I played it. I am trying to play it so much it will stop making me think of her.


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