Midnight On the Firing Line

One of Norways richest people was just recently asked a question by a journalist; do you ever regret not having any children?

The 90 plus aged business man gave a politically correct answer. Perhaps he was simply honest and said what he felt about it. But to me, it’s quite simple. It’s not something he is in control over. As far as I know, he doesn’t have a vagina. It’s not up to him. He can’t choose to have children. He can only decide to decline children. And his reasons for not having children may be much more than him deciding not to.

The aging millionaire may have wanted children at one point. Maybe his wife could not have children and he stood with her through the sorrow of not being able to. Perhaps it’s a biological factor on his side. I have a sneaky feeling that in many cases it is not a decision made, but a situation that have to be dealt with.

A WWII veteran was interviewed by his local newspaper once. Also a proven business-man post WWII, he had moved to Copenhagen. He never had children. Why? He went through not one, but two marriages where his wife died of cancer at a young age. How such unluck can be possible? And all this after surviving being shot down in a Mosquito fighter-bomber off the coast of Norway and being dragged out of the sinking aircraft by his pilot literally by his hair. I guess the lesson learned here is; being lucky or unlucky is simply matter of coincidence. Suddenly your run of luck might stop.

All I’m saying, be careful asking men without children why they do not have children. Like it’s their choice. It may be their choice, but often it is not. It is simply not something they can control. Their unborn children are in the hands of the female – if anyone is interested in having your children that is. A female can simply do whatever it takes to have children if she really wants to. A male can not.


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